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Recent developments at FWSS

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I've added three more nodes to website's VPS. That gave me 40GB of disk space, 1504MB of RAM, and 1TB of monthly bandwidth. The system is running without any downtime since the middle of March. It is six months now from moving into cloud VPS and one thing I'm sure about is that going back to shared hosting environment is not an option anymore.


Plans for year 2011

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I have to admitt that things were rather slow when it comes to new posts on our site in 2010. However, there were many developments behind the scenes. Moving our website to the "cloud vps" was one, and it was very time consuming.

We plan for year 2011 to have more technical info about WP, especially about new features of WP versions including 3.0 and above. You can finally expect reviews of excellent plugins and themes by Dev4Press. That's the plan and we will try stick to it.

FWSS moved to “cloud vps”

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FWSS website is now hosted on VPS.NET's cloud vps. Due to some technical obstacles the website was unavailable for couple of days ( my sincere apology ).

The server consists of 1 node only ( I'll be adding nodes soon ). OS: CentOS 5.5/64, CPU: 0.6GHz, RAM: 376MB, Storage: 10GB, Bandwidth: 250GB. As you can see this is a very minimalistic configuration, however, hosting 5 WordPress websites in 2 domains it still performs better than one WordPress website in shared hosting environment.

In near future the server will have at least 4 nodes hosting 13 websites in 7 domains.