Spam – What are we going to do?

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People say that I am the most patient person on earth. But there are limits to even an extreme patience. I am talking about spam comments on this website. Long time ago I've made my decision to keep this website open. No registration required. No obstacles for people willing to see it, to comment on it. Recently, the number of spam comments increased to the point that I have to react. Akismet does a wonderful job of classifying spam comments. Unfortunately they are in my database until I delete them. My plan is to stop them before they are posted. How?

What did I do already

I did a preliminary research trying to find existing tools ( WordPress plugins, server side software, etc. ) and I found couple of pieces which are now installed on this website. They are far from the ideal solution and I treat them as temporary measures only.

What I intend to do

  • Start a project to build a set of anti-spam tools for administrators of WordPress powered websites
  • Publishing more information ( articles, tutorials ) about spam, spammers, techniques used by spammers, and how to fight them effectively
  • Build a database of references to spam related articles

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