Reviews of Dev4Press plugins and themes coming soon

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You can expect many reviews of Dev4Press plugins and themes being posted here in near future. Our website use most of them.

You've probably noticed a theme switcher widget on the right sidebar. Among choices, beside our original iNove theme, you'll find themes based on advanced xScape framework from Dev4Press. Right now two of them are available ( baseScape and eScape ) with more to follow as they become available.

AJAX and browsers compatibility

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Popularity of AJAX is undisputed. Majority of Google's services could not be delivered without it. One might think that all major browsers support it. I was among these believers. Till yesterday.

I've received signals that one of my websites does not deliver emails when AJAX powered contact forms were used. After number of tests with several browsers results were rather depressing.

Delink Pages plugin – review

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Recently I found Delink Pages 1.0 plugin by Jennifer Stuart. It promises something I was looking for:

This plugin will allow you to specify certain pages to not be linked when wp_list_pages() is used in a theme. You might want to do this if you want a header for a series of subpages, but don't specifically want that header to be a real page itself.