FPW Category Thumbnails 1.4.6 released

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New version 1.4.6 of the plugin had been released today.

New feature requested by one of users has been implemented. Now you can assign authors' pictures to the category. How does it work? If you assign Author as an image id to the category then post / page author's picture will be used as a thumbnail. If you have multiple authors posting in that category these posts will have their respective authors' pictures displayed as thumbnails.

These are requirements for this feature to work:

  • authors' pictures must reside in either media library or NextGen gallery ( gallery name must be authors )
  • authors' pictures file names in media library must follow this naming convention: author_id.jpg where id is author's user id ( example: author_12.jpg )
  • authors' pictures file names in NextGen gallery must follow this naming convention: id.jpg where id is author's user id ( example: 12.jpg )

Upgrade today!truculent-ending

New support forums

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There is new forum plugin installed - Simple:Press. It replaces bbPress plugin. The new plugin provides support and documentation forums for FWSS Plugins - FPW Category Thumbnails and FPW Post Instructions. Both plugins are updated to new versions ( FPW Category Thumbnails v1.4.2 and FPW Post Instructions v1.2.3 ) to reflect changes to the website. Please use these forums to post support related questions.


Fighting spam – How is it going?

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Back in September, in the post Spam – What are we going to do? I've declared my personal war with spammers. Now it's time for a summary of actions taken and their results.

Initially my line of defence consisted of Akismet plugin from Automattic. It did an excellent job of identifying and marking unwanted comments as spam. That should give me a peace of mind, right? Wrong. The spam comments were landing in my database and had to be manually removed from there. They were coming back again and again. Remember that spam comments are being planted not by humans but by "bots" (robots) which are never tired of mindlessly repeating their job. There had to be a better way of preventing them from leaving their payload on my website.