Let’s show some well deserved respect for pages!

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This article is aimed at WordPress core developers as its topic is of less interest to a regular user. Pages versus posts. Which are more important? Which deserve more respect?

To answer those questions correctly we need to agree to proper terminology first. Are pages posts too? Yes, they are. So what is the difference? A "Post" is a post of post_type="post". A "Page" is a post of post_type="page". Both have a title. Both have a content. Both can be put in a category. Hold on... wait a minute... does that mean that pages can be categorized as well? Sure, and they are. Well, sort of. In Settings -> Writing you'll find Default Post Category. This is the place where a post or a page ( yes! ) goes if the category is not explicitly stated. Imagine the default category being "My grandma's recipes". What a joke. Your "Contact" page suddenly becomes a grandma's recipe regardless of its content! How relevant is that? With a "Post" you can fix it. Edit Post page has a section Categories you can use to make a proper assignment. It does not apply to "Pages". Not without help from some plugin. From now on my Default Category is going to be "Maximum Security Prison". Because this is the place my pages are being sent. For life, with no proper trial, with no parole!

You've probably noticed ongoing debate. What is WordPress? Is it a blog or CMS. I say it is not CMS until pages will be treated as equals to posts. WordPress core is ready for this change. Lets add Categories and Tags selections to Edit Page. Don't worry about themes. You would be surprised how few would choke on Categories or Tags for pages. All themes on this website work with page Categories without modifications!

So let's do it! Let's free our "prisoners" from Default Post Category. Let WordPress become a real CMS!


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