FPW Category Thumbnails 1.4.8

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Another release of the plugin had been introduced today. It adds support for WP 3.3 pointers and has some minor bugs fixed.

2 thoughts on “FPW Category Thumbnails 1.4.8”

  1. hello Frank,

    I installed the plugin on my site, but it doesn’t show the thumbnails in the posts no matter what I do. Can you help me please?

    One of the pages on my site where I want the thumbnails to show up is this – http://www.decorativeshelving.org/floating-shelves/what-to-use-for-your-floating-wall-shelves/ – though I’d like them to show up on ALL pages… but it just doesn’t work. Please advice.


  2. First of all my plugin does not display thumbnails. It only automates the process of assigning Featured Image to posts/pages. You have to check if your theme supports thumbnails. The plugin will help you. If on its settings page you see the message: WARNING: Your theme has no support for post thumbnails! You can continue with Settings but until you add add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ ); to the theme’s functions.php you will not be able to display thumbnails. then that’s the problem. If you don’t see this message your theme might not have the_post_thumbnail() call in its templates and you’ll have to modify templates to include it. That covers posts. When it comes to pages you’ll have to enable categories for pages as well ( by default pages don’t use categories ). You can use Map Categories to Pages plugin to do it. If the above instructions don’t solve your problem I suggest you send me ( using Contact form ) administrators credentials and I’ll be able to determine the cause in about 5 minutes.

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