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FPW Category Thumbnails – Important feature added

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Older versions of FPW Post Thumbnails ( now part of FPW Category Thumbnails ) did not provide turning off display of current theme's thumbnails. The only solution was editing theme's templates to remove or comment out calls to the_post_thumbnail() function ( contrary to author's promise that modifications of the current theme is not needed ). Recent versions FPW Category Thumbnails ( 1.6.4 and up ) finally provide this functionality. There is an option Hide output of the current theme's the_post_thumbnail() in FPW Post Thumbnails. Check this box, click Update button, and it's done. Once set, you don't even need to have FPW Post Thumbnails enabled.

FPW Category Thumbnails 1.5.0 ( major release )

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New in this release:

- dropped support for WordPress versions lower than 3.1
- uses WP_List_Table descendant to display category / thumbnail mapping
- full AJAX implementation of all operations
- proper operation when JavaScript is disabled
- support for downloading of translation files from plugin's repository


FPW Category Thumbnails 1.4.9

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New version 1.4.9 of the plugin is out. It introduces new activation method which will prevent plugin's activation if WordPress version is lower than 2.9. The public method fpwCategoryThumbnails::addThumbnailToPost is now exposed in both back and front end. More in Public method fpwCategoryThumbnails::addThumbnailToPost topic of Documentation.