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HTML5 Forms Validation

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INTRODUCTION My research is based on following assumptions: WordPress version supports HTML5 Go to any admin page and inspect the resulting document. It should start with: Theme supports HTML5 for comments To be sure, add this to theme’s functions.php: ANALYSIS Let’s display and inspect any post with a comment form in it. The markup for […]

Login once to access multiple WordPress installations

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My previous article Sharing users across multiple WordPress installations explains how to prepare for our current task. In order to be able to access multiple WordPress blogs with only one login we have to have common users across those installations. This article will deal with additional requirements necessary to accomplish our goal. WordPress authentication is […]

Sharing users across multiple WordPress installations

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After reading Justin Tadlock’s article Installing two WordPress blogs with the same users I have decided to implement this method in two of my test installations. Well… it did not work. Why? Justin, in his article stated that the following two lines in wp-config.php of the blog using prefix_users and prefix_usersmeta from another blog, will […]