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The effect of sticking out pin was achieved with help of one of the CSS Pseudo Elements techniques explained by Chris Coyier in the presentation you can access by clicking the link above this message.

Background transparency problem in NextGen Gallery thumbnails

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For some time I didn’t keep my post thumbnails in NextGen Gallery. On this website they are all PNG images with a transparent background. The thumbnails created by NextGen were losing background transparency and their background was black. It was unacceptable because of theme switching. My themes use different backgrounds and thumbnails looked rather ugly. […]

Introducing WordPress 3.1 Post Formats

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Some people hate it and some love it. I belong to the second category. If you, as a webmaster, don’t like it, simply do not enable theme support for post formats. I think that post formats bring incredible possibilities to website presentation. Basic requirements: WP 3.1, theme support, knowledge of CSS and WP filters, imagination, […]

I just fell in love with post formats! There are two in use on our website: 'aside' and 'link'. What you read here is 'aside' format. On top of the page you see a post formatted as 'link'.

FPW Category Thumbnails plugin

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Setting featured image for post/page could be very time consuming, especially when your media library holds hundreds of pictures. Very often we select the same thumbnail for posts in particular category. Wouldn’t be much easier to have a thumbnail being set automatically when we choose a category while creating or updating posts/pages? I could not […]

Using fonts hosted on your site

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In Using Google Font API article I’ve presented one method of incorporating specific fonts into your website. The Google’s method will free you from any legal problems related to hosting unlicenced fonts, however, there are couple of drawbacks. Fonts have to be downloaded from Google’s servers and that takes time. Secondly, there are only 14 […]

Using Google Font API

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For many years web developers had to rely on fonts being available on viewers’ machines. Not any more – thanks to Google Font API. I’ll present just one simple example of this method. For a list of available fonts go to Google Font Directory. For a complete documentation visit Google Font API. Example: This is […]

Style Box plugin – review

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This plugin by Shivendu Madhava is one of my favorites. Small, simple and adds stylish look to your posts/pages. It is so simple that my review consists of examples only! Examples: This is a note This is an alert This is a help box This is important This is a tip This is linux This […]

Login once to access multiple WordPress installations

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My previous article Sharing users across multiple WordPress installations explains how to prepare for our current task. In order to be able to access multiple WordPress blogs with only one login we have to have common users across those installations. This article will deal with additional requirements necessary to accomplish our goal. WordPress authentication is […]