Month: May 2012

Themes and FPW Category Thumbnails

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What should I do if my theme does not support post thumbnails? Can your plugin still be used? Can FPW Category Thumbnails plugin display thumbnails?

I've been asked these question so often that I felt it deserves some action. There are numerous good free themes not providing post thumbnails support at all. Should we stop using them? Not at all. There are solutions to this problem, unfortunately all of them require modifications of the theme files. Then there is FPW Post Thumbnails plugin. It is the cleanest and the least obtrusive standalone help. Its functionality will be included in the next version of FPW Category Thumbnails as well. You can find it in WordPress repository.

FPW Category Thumbnails 1.4.9

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New version 1.4.9 of the plugin is out. It introduces new activation method which will prevent plugin's activation if WordPress version is lower than 2.9. The public method fpwCategoryThumbnails::addThumbnailToPost is now exposed in both back and front end. More in Public method fpwCategoryThumbnails::addThumbnailToPost topic of Documentation.