Year: 2010

FPW Category Thumbnails plugin

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Setting featured image for post/page could be very time consuming, especially when your media library holds hundreds of pictures. Very often we select the same thumbnail for posts in particular category. Wouldn’t be much easier to have a thumbnail being set automatically when we choose a category while creating or updating posts/pages? I could not […]

Using fonts hosted on your site

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In Using Google Font API article I’ve presented one method of incorporating specific fonts into your website. The Google’s method will free you from any legal problems related to hosting unlicenced fonts, however, there are couple of drawbacks. Fonts have to be downloaded from Google’s servers and that takes time. Secondly, there are only 14 […]

Using Google Font API

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For many years web developers had to rely on fonts being available on viewers’ machines. Not any more – thanks to Google Font API. I’ll present just one simple example of this method. For a list of available fonts go to Google Font Directory. For a complete documentation visit Google Font API. Example: This is […]