Year: 2010

FWSS moved to “cloud vps”

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FWSS website is now hosted on VPS.NET's cloud vps. Due to some technical obstacles the website was unavailable for couple of days ( my sincere apology ).

The server consists of 1 node only ( I'll be adding nodes soon ). OS: CentOS 5.5/64, CPU: 0.6GHz, RAM: 376MB, Storage: 10GB, Bandwidth: 250GB. As you can see this is a very minimalistic configuration, however, hosting 5 WordPress websites in 2 domains it still performs better than one WordPress website in shared hosting environment.

In near future the server will have at least 4 nodes hosting 13 websites in 7 domains.

FPW Category Thumbnails plugin

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Setting featured image for post/page could be very time consuming, especially when your media library holds hundreds of pictures. Very often we select the same thumbnail for posts in particular category. Wouldn't be much easier to have a thumbnail being set automatically when we choose a category while creating or updating posts/pages? I could not find in repository any plugins doing exactly what I wanted and decided to write my own. It started as a plugin just for myself. Exactly 12 lines of code. Then I decided to share it with others. And here it is - FPW Category Thumbnails. Click on a link above this post to see the plugin in WordPress repository.

Using fonts hosted on your site

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In Using Google Font API article I've presented one method of incorporating specific fonts into your website. The Google's method will free you from any legal problems related to hosting unlicenced fonts, however, there are couple of drawbacks. Fonts have to be downloaded from Google's servers and that takes time. Secondly, there are only 14 fonts available as of today.

How about hosting your own fonts?


WP ver. 3.0 released

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WordPress 3.0 is finally released. We did automatic upgrade, with no accidents, to all our websites, and all works well. It is important to know that the new version's memory requirements changed, therefore, do not perform the upgrade before increasing PHP memory_limit to 64M as 32M is not longer enough, especially when 5 or more plugins are installed.

Reviews of Dev4Press plugins and themes coming soon

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You can expect many reviews of Dev4Press plugins and themes being posted here in near future. Our website use most of them.

You've probably noticed a theme switcher widget on the right sidebar. Among choices, beside our original iNove theme, you'll find themes based on advanced xScape framework from Dev4Press. Right now two of them are available ( baseScape and eScape ) with more to follow as they become available.

AJAX and browsers compatibility

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Popularity of AJAX is undisputed. Majority of Google's services could not be delivered without it. One might think that all major browsers support it. I was among these believers. Till yesterday.

I've received signals that one of my websites does not deliver emails when AJAX powered contact forms were used. After number of tests with several browsers results were rather depressing.